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How Fram came to Czech republic

Years ago, one evening we showed our friend in the magazine picture of a dog after which it has long coveted. The breed we liked at first sight. The more we investigated the more tempted we get it. The way to get the puppy was long enough and through the various breeders in Europe, we finally managed to find breeders who are willing to sell the dog.

From France to us to question whether we have a free puppy hear from Malcolm and Enid Hicks who Malenibo breeding station. They free-puppy who was born September 28, 2007. And so we went in early December to the city Rivarennes in France for our puppy. We were very nice and welcome after becoming familiar with breeders pups showed us. There were only two, and at first glance, I knew that is ours. The next day I had it taken away and home to the Fram got into the Czech Republic. Since that day our home has been extended by one member and our children were enthusiastic.

Today it is with us for 4 years and was the first time when Malcolm and Enid sold the puppy to the Czech Republic and we are pleased that so decided.