Information about breed

Standard: FCI n. 242 / 09.08. 1999 /
Name: Norwegian moose dog Gray
Country of origin: Norway
Date of publication of the applicable standard: 18. 10. 1997
Use: Hunting dog
Classification FCI: Group 5 (Spitz and primitive dogs), Group 2 (Nordic Hunting Dogs)


Norwegian moose dog is a hardy gray sports Nordic type dog, brave and manly character has a good sense of smell. In their dispositions to friendship and intelligence, with great power and independence, which is his characteristic no signs of undue anxiety.


A typical Spitz. It has a fixed proportion to the strong compact body with a dense coat of medium length, but not standing on end or pricking. Tail tightly curled over back.


Wide between the ears, forehead and back of the head are slightly arched with little noticeable feature - cranial protuberance. The muzzle is moderately long, extending from its base and tapering, visible from the side. It should be straight, not tapered be spiked. Muzzle strong, lips tightly pursed.

Eyes:   Unobtrusive, not prominent, dark brown, fearless with a friendly expression.

Ears:   Set high. Erect straight up, hard and tough. At the top is slightly thicker than the bottom, top pointed and very mobile. Hearing excellent.

Muzzle: Strong jaw clenched lips, teeth with a scissor bite.


Compact, moderately long oval shape. Strong and powerful, without loose skin.


Tightly tightly curled over the back, party hair thick and rough.

Coat:  Dense, with abundant, weather-resistant undercoat. Short on head and legs, longer on the chest, neck, buttocks, back of the front legs and underside of tail. It is balanced length and rough at the ends of hair. Darker hairs and lighter soft undercoat prevents hypothermia. Around the neck and front part of chest hair longer creates stripes. The hair, eyes, energetic and curly tail makes an animal a unique appearance and waking.

Color: With various shades of gray and black hair of the end. Lighter on the chest, abdomen, legs and underside of tail. Numerous variations are a distinctive gray color. Side is a very dark or very light color. Coloration on the legs and feet is also undesirable.


Posture during movement shows his agility and endurance, walking and jogging casually and straight. Back and spine holds when moving horizontally. Trot is quick. The front and rear legs when trotting in a straight line move the body.


  • Ideal height in withers
    • For male - 52 cm
    • For female - 49 cm
  • Weight is approximately 23 kg to 20 kg for male and female


Any deviation from the above description should be considered a fault. It should however be carefully assessed, as the largely deviating from the proportions described really is.

  • Sharp or pointed nose
  • Overshot or undershot
  • Bright eyes
  • Very large or very large ears
  • Too low hindquarters
  • Open Track (foot)
  • Too long or too short top coat - guard hairs
  • Rark sooty color undercoat or an undercoat
  • White tip on tail, white frill
  • Weak or stressful temper


  • Tail too short
  • Yellow or blue eyes
  • Not erect ears
  • Variations in color except gray
  • Protruding upper or lower jaw
  • Not wedge-shaped rear legs
  • Height at withers under 3 cm or over 4 cm against the ideal height
  • aggressiveness


Note: Males - dogs should have two apparently normal testicles fully performers in the scrotum.